Monday, August 17, 2009

Seaching for unique kitchen cabinets

Today, the term "custom cabinetry" is used to refer to many types of cabinetry that most of us really wouldn't consider custom. Most stock cabinets are available in 3" width increments but is really custom? Why does a kitchen layout include "fillers" - you know those wasted spaces between cabinets that are merely designed to cover gaps? A better solution is to produce a truly custom cabinet. We do not have standard sizes and we do not need fillers.

While we operate a small, niche cabinet shop - we still keep up with the trade magazines and kitchen trends. I am always struck by the lack of options in affordable kitchen cabinetry - so many of these kitchens are beautiful and well designed but the cabinetry all looks the same.

Our clients are searching for something unique. They want kitchen furniture, something less typical.....something unexpected.

One of our clients suggested we build a 12 ft island that incorporates a 5 ft antique sink from France with a honed granite island. Another client challenged us to build a piece that integrated a massive antique butcher block. This is custom cabinetry.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to trade your garden surplus

In the northeast, our gardens are bursting with fresh produce. If my fellow gardeners are enjoying a massive surplus of certain vegetables - we found a solution!: VEGGIETRADER.COM

Who actually needs 80 cucumbers and no matter how tasty they are....who can eat 10 Cherokee purple, heirloom tomatoes every day?

This website connects you to other gardeners in your area with extra produce so you can arrange a swap. It is free and incredibly easy to use. The site is still in its infancy so spread the word so more people will participate.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great new countertop idea!

One of my clients challenged me recently to develop a way to integrate a piece of butcher block into an island we were building. She wanted it located on the corner but wanted soapstone countertops on the island. The kitchen isn't "camera-ready" yet but here is a snapshot of the nearly finished island. We love it - anxious to try it again. The block is convenient to the range - easy prep area.

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