Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vintage lumber

As the green revolution continues, a popular choice for flooring is floor boards resawn from antique beams. We work closely with a company that disassembles old homes, barns and factories. The structural timbers that are pulled from these vintage buildings is often old growth lumber. The lumber is then "sliced" into floor boards.

While they specialize in resawn flooring, they are also a great source for antique flooring, beams for timberframing or fireplace mantels and custom sawing.

For a full list of our other partners, see our links page on our website.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Jamie Oliver show

I design and build kitchens but I also like to cook....and above all, I like to eat. I'm a big fan of Jamie Oliver and just read about his new show that will air on ABC during prime time this winter. While the focus seems to be educating folks so that they can cook healthier meals for their families, there is no doubt that these meals will be quite tasty if Jamie is doing the cooking. The "teach a man to fish" focus is also very encouraging.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reinventing the wet bar or kitchen island....

I KNOW! I KNOW!..........These are terrible photos but I can't resist posting them because we are so pleased with this new concept. A huge faux pas for a good blog but I don't know when I will get quality images of this piece.

After a recent trip to Bucks County Soapstone, we were invited to create a wet bar for the Philadelphia Suburban Home Show. They left the cabinet design to us and we left the sink and countertop design to them. The result was this grand, 8ft long piece to serve as a wet bar or kitchen island.

There are runnels in the upper bar that drain into the sink for those mishaps that may occur during late night festivities. The bar area in the back, sports a comfortable foot rail. One admirer commented that it looked like it was "pulled out of an old tavern".

We are offering these free-standing bars as shown or customized.....SHIPPING NATIONWIDE.