Thursday, May 28, 2009


Come on out and join us at the Event Under the Tent - a small gathering of artists and craftsmen on Friday and Saturday, May 29-30 at UPHOME in Ludwigs Corner, PA - on Rt. 100 just north of the Rt. 401/Rt.100 intersection.

Check out the rare finds in Uphome and visit the guest artists:

Debbie Rodgers - Sculptor

Lisa Goodrich - Painted Bowls

..........and of course, Timeless Kitchen Design

Visit the Uphome website for more details....

Friday, May 22, 2009

More Press

The April Issue of Old House Interiors features an article entitled, "Furniture Quality Kitchens". We spoke with the editors for this article and they have included some of that conversation and a photo of our work in the article. Click here to view the article on our website.

(...and just for the record, I did not quote Duke Ellington in the last paragraph....and I actually disagree with that. A kitchen isn't good because it looks good. It is good when it looks good, is designed well AND functions well.)

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blind corner solution

What to do about that blind corner in the kitchen? You know, that vast cavern in the corner of the base cabinets? Increasingly, our clients are opposed to the good ole' Lazy Susan. I've always wondered if Susan was really that lazy. I guess she must have been for the name to stick around after all of these years....but I digress.

There are a few modern contraptions that we have used recently with success. The units consist of a two (or three, if you like) tiered shelf system that pulls with a very simple and effortless mechanism. Click here to see a brief video clip. Please don't be fooled by the jazzy tune and contemporary details of the example cabinet. We tucked away one of these units in a blind corner cabinet in one of our recent kitchens. Our goal is to use modern hardware for all interior applications while creating antique surfaces on the cabinet faces. Have a look:

For my fellow coffee addicts...

OK, sorry....I know that this is a kitchen cabinetry and kitchen design blog but most of my clients seem to include a coffee "area" into their layouts - so I have to share this.
I recently became aware of Crop To Cup, a company based in Chicago, that sells family farmed coffee directly from growers in Africa. The farmers receive a 20% premium over the market price, 5% of every coffee purchase and 10% of company profits. A portion of coffee sales also goes back to the areas in which the coffee is grown to fund local project.
The buyer (and drinker) gets a tasty cup of joe and the chance to see for yourself the economic, social and environmental impacts of your purchase.
It is inspiring to see private enterprise at its best...order online.