Sunday, April 19, 2015

The new BOLT table...

 For years I have wanted to build a piece that is inspired by vintage industrial tables or old factory pieces.  I have a wooden base from a very old table saw and a pair of work tables from a butcher shop that are built in the same way.   These pieces are usually bolted together and the fasteners have a great patina.

Not long ago I purchased lumber reclaimed from a tobacco barn.   In Middle Tennessee and the surrounding region there is a variety of tobacco that is cured by smoke in large barns.   The lumber that is reclaimed from these old barns is also smoked from decades of use as a tobacco smoking barn. 

Over the last few weeks, I've worked this lumber and built this first table of what I hope will be a new line of tables and other furniture.   Not all of the pieces will be constructed of smoked oak but they will be built using bolts...just like the vintage pieces that inspired me.  

This is the BOLT table.   Custom sizes available.   Email me at kevin@tkcabinetry for more information.

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